Sep 7, 2018 

Axinan joins Google Launchpad Studio's latest finance startup cohort, focused on applied-ML

In picture : Axinan's machine learning "Fantastic Four"

We are proud to announce that Axinan is part of Google Launchpad Studio’s latest finance startup cohort! We are one of the only two startups selected from Southeast Asia together with Indonesia’s ride-hailing unicorn Go-Jek.


As part of the four month-long program, our engineers recently flew to Google Headquarter at Mountain View, California and spent an entire week with Google engineers and dedicated product managers to advance our machine learning projects. A complete machine learning solution will be presented at the program end.

In Axinan, we use machine learning algorithm to calculate dynamic insurance premiums at individual transaction level. With the help from Google and its latest technology such as tensorflow, we will further fine-tune our models and make the prediction even more accurate.

In addition, machine learning will also play a huge role on our direct-to-consumer insurance products focusing on smart gadget protection. As an InsurTech startup, technology is our core competency, empowering every product we design.   

In picture : Axinan's CEO "Wei Zhu", Alphabet’s chairman "John Hennessy" and other founders

In picture : Alphabet’s chairman John Hennessy’s speech

In picture : One of the world’s greatest minds in AI, Peter Norvig

In picture : Launchpad group photo




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